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Let us speak truth?

We work very close to customers and associate companies located in different zone in this world. In our perspective, this world is occupied by the people of different culture, ethics, learning method, discipline etc. but we all work under one platform called “Science”.

Outsourcing is vital for any business to grow, reducing the risk and overheads. All business wants to reduce cost and increase savings for better quality. As we know outsourcing is one of the best option to achieve this plan, but the right choice and decision is important.

In survey, we found most of our clients really struggled in the followings before completing a project work.
No effective communication
Couldn’t progress continuously
Capabilities and skill not adequate
Poor reporting and monitoring
Ended up low quality for the cost

How we can help you? AMSI have a service providers (Corporate or companies), associates (skilled and experienced professionals) database and contact. We know who are skilled in what? Once we receive the project requirements from our clients, we will work out the ability to do project work within AMSI facilities, we are quite busy consultancy with limited facilities.

Why to choose AMSI Technology Services?
The biggest benefit of outsourcing is that not only does it save costs for a company, but also gives  access to resources and skill-sets that wouldn't have been possible locally. AMSI provides service in the field of Engineering and Technologies.

We support our customers in outsourcing projects and skills.

  • amsics - counsaltancy services in uk and india
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced liability
  • Increased skill attraction & retention
  • Workforce mobility
  • Flexible and scalable workforce solutions
  • Unique technology systems
  • Qualified Professionals
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • On-going Support

Competitive Fixed Cost
If you have a project that is short, has well defined scope and all requirements are clear, then our fixed cost software outsourcing model is the best suitable. Over here, we guarantee on time delivery of project work as per requirements and cost, which are predefined. As per your requirements, we would appoint a team that would be the best able to meet your expectations on time.

Time and Material Savings
For clients whose requirements regularly changes and who wants dedicated developers to work only on single project ,our time and material model is the best fit. In this model, there is flexibility for client to add or remove resources as per fluctuation in requirements.

Skilled professionals
Part of our business is outsourcing experienced professionals and highly skilled professionals. Across the globe, we sponsor the best match skilled professionals to enter into UK, USA and INDIA. All our professionals are bachelors/masters/doctorate qualified in the Engineering and Technologies domain.

Focused Service
Since we quote competitive price, we need to work more efficiently to meet the requirements. We are focused more on work quality and timeline.

Security Concerns
We run all our business locally meeting the local legal requirements, so it’s convenient for our clients to meet the data protection acts and legal requirements. We are confidential and security protected consultancy Service Company. Security and privacy of data are valid concerns, AMSI is a legally registered service provider we work under confidentiality agreements, firewalls, SLAs and solid infrastructure are some parameters we look at when entering into an outsourcing arrangement.

Work Environment
Our environment is more relaxing but targeting. Since we operate skilled professionals, who look after the technical and managerial activities themselves, everyone feel more comfortable and give 100% to the business. We are sharing profits and benefits with our employees, which motivate with importance.

Quality of Service
AMSI got its own quality chart and process. Our staffs are trained to follow the quality audit and simple tick list process in every project phase. These simple process implementations help us to meet the client quality requirements and satisfaction

Offshore development
For clients having large projects and in which requirements change as per time, this is the best model. ODC is best suitable for custom software development and mission critical projects. We appoint experienced and talented developers who work exclusively on your project to deliver high quality solutions. We only appoint those developers who have already worked on similar type of projects and can efficiently manage complex problems to deliver best possible result.

If you have an immediate requirement for a project work please email [email protected]

If you have an immediate requirement of an individual or multiple skill resources, please email [email protected]


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