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With global talent pool of highly Skilled technical authors, illustrators and graphic designers of 2 to 15 years AMSI Offers comprehensive technical Publications services to various Industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Shipping, Oil & Gas, Software etc.

AMSI Consultancy Services offer one of the best technical publication courses with competitive price which have been developed for aerospace technical publication as well as can be tailored to suit your own business requirements. Our courses have been designed and are continually tweaked and revised in order to stay abreast with the latest advancements in information technology within the technical publication sphere.


With more complicated products, manufacturers realize that there is an increasing demand for Concise and customized documentation that can easily explain how to use, maintain, and service a product. However, companies face several challenges related to product documentation like:

                          Growing complexity of products

                         Shortened time to market constraints

                         Need for localized documents due to global expansion

                         Reduced documentation budgets

                         Increased focus on customer satisfaction and product experience

To be successful, companies need effective product documentation that clearly represents the product’s design, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and usability intent to key Stakeholders across its lifecycle.


           AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer)

           Mechanical – Airframe and Engine

           Avionics – Electrical, Instrumentation and Navigation system 

           Bachelor of Engineering Degree in




                         Electrical & Electronics

Training Modules:

The Training module covers 250+ hours of sessions including Technical Publication workflow process and hands-on implementation. The module can be customized to meet the project requirements of an organisation. The training also includes knowledge of international standards for creation of Aircraft Technical Manuals.

Course content

                         Introduction to Tech Publication

                         Aircraft basics and power plant

                         Introduction to Aircraft and Engine manuals

                         Introduction to aerospace standards

                         ATA (iSpec 2200)  & Task numbering system

                         ASD Simplified tech English (STE)

                         AECMA S1000D & Task numbering system

                         Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)

                         Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue (AIPC)

                         Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)

                         Structural Repair Manual (SRM)

                         Service Bulletin (SB)

                         Aircraft Schematic & Wiring Diagram Manual (ASM & WDM)

                             Engine Maintenance Manual (EMM)

                             Introduction to Authoring Tools

                             Interpretation of Engineering Drawing 

Corporate Grooming Details:

This service provided to the Engineers of AMSI ConcultancyServices under Technical Training Program. This program includes, Soft skills, corporate grooming, Industry etiquettes. Practical work assignments to meet the multiple organizational requirements. Even after employment continued mentoring is provided to the aluminies.

Training Infrastructure: 

                                                Interactive Learning at Learners convenience

                                                Industry Savvy Trainers

                                                Learn Right from Your Place

                                                Customized Curriculum

                                                Highly Affordable Courses

                                                Support after Training

                                                CV Preparation

                                                Certification Guidance

Future after training:

No matter which industry you're considering for a career, it probably employees technical communicator. Technical communicators work in Aerospace, IT, computer science, Engineering, medicine, electronics, Government, Media, Publishing and just about any field in which people must interpret and use technology. They are an indispensable part of today's technological society.

Placement Assistance

We have excellent contacts in the IT industry and are the preferred institute they approach for meeting their staffing requirements. This enables us to provide assistance to our participants in getting jobs. We are holding discussions with recruitment agencies outside Bangalore so that placement assistance can be extended to participants from other places in India.

For information about his course please email [email protected]

 Technical Publication Training in Bangalore



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